Extrusion Consulting Enterprises can offer our customers the option to purchase new machinery or choose to rebuild and upgrade their existing machinery to maximize productivity in today's highly competitive world markets.

We can inspect and evaluate your equipment to insure that your company will receive quality rebuilt machinery to fit all your extrusion requirements.

For more information call Mike Brocato at:
401-377-9005 or 401-742-0594

Mike can also be reached at mjbrocato@cox.net

     Merritt Davis Extruder before rebuilt

Rebuilt PTI Extruder
                        Merritt Davis Extruder
                                after rebuilt

Rebuilt 6" Davis-Standard Extruder
Rebuilt Sheet Line
   Davis-Standard 350 Extruder to 100mm
                     before rebuilt
Davis-Standard 350 Extruder to 100mm
                        after rebuit
Davis-Standard 130mm water to air conversion 
                              before rebuilt
Davis-Standard 130mm water to air conversion
                              after rebuilt

Davis-Standard 6" Gear Box before upgrade
              DS  6" Extruder after Rebuilt
DS 3/4" Extruder before high temp upgrade
DS 3/4" extruder after hgh temp upgrade
Rebuilt 2-1/2" Genka Extruder
Before 4-1/2 rubber feed secion conversion package
by American Kuhne
After 4-1/2 rubber feed section conversion

Contact Michael J. Brocato for more information
at 401-377-9005 or 401-742-0594 
or e-mail mjbrocato@cox.net