With the increase of competition in the extrusion industry, it has become essential for the processor to maintain a low operating cost. The efficiency level at which a manufacturer can process a part can be the difference in whether the company is to survive in today’s market.

The best way to insure a low operating cost is to incorporate a preventative maintenance program. The processor can then monitor the wear rate of their barrel and screw. Scheduling of machine downtime is a small price to pay compared to the price of poor operating efficiencies. 

From the very first day the machine is placed in production, the barrel and screw are both being worn. If you are running a very abrasive compound the wear rate will be much faster.

To begin a preventative maintenance inspection, the barrel and screw should be exposed and free of plastic so that a visual inspection can be made. The inspection procedure should be to look for severe problems such as broken screw flights, scored or gouged areas. You should also look for less obvious signs of wear on the barrel ID, screw flight land, leading and trailing edge of the screw flight, and screw root. There are four types of wear.

4.Surface Fatigue

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